Loop Trace

An end-to-end material supply chain traceability solution
for the textile industry covering natural (cotton, banana
fiber, bamboo, etc.) and synthetic fibers.

Looptrace covers traceability from Tier 1 to Tier 5 with
open API connectivity to your ERP or Traceability solution
for seamless integration.

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Looptrace Benefits

1.   The Farmer Dropdown Icon

By receiving a premium on growing and supplying traceable cotton.

2.   The Gining and spinning facilites Dropdown Icon

By being part of the supply chain, receiving a premium on traceable production of fiber and yarn, and getting automated as a by-side benefit.

3.   The Manufacturer Dropdown Icon

By offering value addition and up-charging to the brands and retailers in terms of material traceability and transparency.

4.   The Brand Dropdown Icon

By offering additional information to the end-user on the product they are purchasing, supporting a sustainable supply chain.

5.   The World Dropdown Icon

By supporting the textile industry to be more sustainable.

Process Map (Supply Chain Traceability Tiers)

supply chain image